Only for new members of The Plural Association Community, who aren't currently a member and have not been a member in the last 30 days. Only 1 Community membership per System. Only 1 prize per System. Can't be transferred, sold or given away. Can't be exchanged for money or other prizes. If membership is canceled no refunds will be given. Community rules and guidelines need to be followed. Legal body age has to be 18 to join this competition and get access to the community. Please know you need a credit card to sign up. The prize comes in the form of a free trial to the plural association community, inside the mighty networks platform. Mighty networks can only be entered by signing up for an account which includes your credit card details. You will not be charged. Before your free trial ends, mighty networks sends you a reminder to cancel. If you do not cancel, your credit card will be charged. If you need this refunded, please ask us.